Chad Anderson

Independent for Leichhardt

Image of Cairns natural environment

“Vote #1 Chad Anderson Independent for Leichhardt.  New Leadership, Representation and Positive Change for Leichhardt.”


Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world.  Almost a quarter of the population was born abroad; almost half have at least one parent born overseas.  It is remarkable that this high degree of diversity has not lead to social segregation.  On the contrary, Australia’s migrants are well-integrated by international standards.

While Chad is in full support of a strategic immigration policy, acknowledging that immigration can positively contribute to economic growth, he is concerned about the Government’s current policy to send immigrants to regional centres simply to ease population issues in the cities, believing that this action could create more problems than it solves.

Chad believes that ethnic diversity can work positively well – but only if it is accompanied by a selective migration system to ensure that only migrants willing and able to integrate enter the country.  

In relation to immigration policy in the context of Cairns and the Leichhardt electorate, Chad supports migration programs for the region that aim to support the development of our local economy, enrich our diverse culture, build on our community knowledge and that aim to develop a socially cohesive Australia. 









published  08/09/2018