Chad Anderson

Independent for Leichhardt

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“Vote #1 Chad Anderson Independent for Leichhardt.  New Leadership, Representation and Positive Change for Leichhardt.”

New Leadership for Leichhardt

The people of Cairns want change in the system and they want new leadership now.

This week, people from Woree to Redlynch, Palm Cove to Edge Hill and all across Cairns City said they “will not be voting for ALP or LNP as they have lost complete faith in the system”.

The mainstream media won’t tell this story about the people of Leichhardt. They will communicate their version of reality which is all about leadership change for the broken and disconnected LNP.

It’s time to get real and it’s time to get serious about how we vote and who we vote for. It’s time for change and now is the time to make that change in our community.

In recent weeks, across Australia, we’ve seen significant positive change in political leadership.

For example, in Wagga Wagga, in NSW, for the first time in 60 years, the majority of people voted for the newly elected Independent, Dr Joe McGirr, and this remarkable victory for the Independent, marked an end to the long term dominance of the Liberal Party in the region.

The results from that election, showed that the Independent won 60% of the people’s votes compared to just 40% of votes for the Liberal Party.

These outstanding results for the Independent, are both a reflection of who the people wanted to vote for as a representative of their community, and also an indication of the change of voting behaviour and trends in Australia towards Independent representation.

As the elected Independent for Leichhardt, I will take action in Parliament to support the needs of the people of Cairns, Cape York and Torres Strait.

I will represent the people of Leichhardt, not the political parties, and I will do my best during my time in Government, to create and develop a new independent leadership model for Leichhardt that democratically serves the people and establishes the foundations of real representation and a voice for our children in the future.


Chad Anderson

Independent Candidate for Leichhardt



published  22/09/2018